Kathy Schmitt

Kathy Schmitt of Experience Real Estate of South Kingstown, Rhode Island


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422 Main Street #B
South Kingstown, ri 02879


Kathy has had a sales license since she was 18 years old and a broker's license since age 21.  Her 30 - year career has ranged from on-site new construction sales to vast management positions from General Manager at Lila Delman Real Estate, Managing five offices for DeWolfe, to Director of Sales for the Carnegie Abbey Club.  This extensive experience in all facets of real estate lead her naturally to open her own firm - EXPERIENCE Real Estate.  

Kathy is the sole owner of the firm and brings the company to another level in the real estate experience.  She takes a participative stance on management by supporting all associates with day to day real estate business.  She is responsible for personal coaching on business growth, negotiation skills, buyer and seller consultation and much more. 

If you are looking to purchase a home or sell a home, call her directly at 401.286.8011.  As the owner of the company, she will match you with the very best of representation for your home ownership needs. 

Looking to join a company with terrific support and a focused approach to helping your grow your business.  Call today for a confidential appointment. As the owner of the company, she does not compete with the associates in the office in listing or selling properties.  You will have that confidential support through out all transactions.  

We serve all of Rhode Island, Northern Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts.

Here is what clients and agents are saying about the owner of the firm:

Kathy - You have done EVERYTHING to make this transaction a go; I honestly have never seen such accommodation by a “broker” but clearly you are much more than that and Brian super appreciates your efforts.  ~ Richard Bogue

Kathy, I want to thank you personally for everything you have done. Your emails, constant communication, and overall professionalism has been nothing but over the top. I make you a promise, and my partner Rich will attest to this: I will do everything in my power to make sure your name and company becomes extremely well-known in all of Rhode Island that I can reach. Including my talks, booksignings, and every where I can voice your name. 
THANK YOU! I will be in touch.... ~  Brian Beneduce

I love, love, love working for you ~ Susan Stephen

Who has the best broker around? I do!! ~ Courtney Cammans

You are doing many good things for the local real estate community.    I am very proud of you! - Andy Robinson

I can’t express through email how impressed I was with your approach and how you and your staff interacted. It truly gave this sometimes jaded heart a real sense of family and professionalism.  ~ Tim Johnson, Coastway Bank

You truly are a great example for Owner Brokers out there.  You’re a breath of fresh air in the real estate community ~ Don Wilson

Thank you so much for all that you have done. It can be quite nerve racking selling and trying to down size.  Your firm has found the perfect home for me.  You have also taken my worries away.  You have made it enjoyable.  How quickly and professional you have been getting everything in order to make it go smoothly as it can.  Communicating always about what to do and anticipate.   Selling my house and finding the perfect place that I can afford and be so delightfully surprised with the home I can not wait to move into.  You really took the time to explain every detail of the contracts and the process as well as taking time to really listen to what I needed for my future home.  Thank you! ~ Sincerely Jeannine

I am the one that feels lucky to have the opportunity to work under such a professional and supportive team. You empower agents with your knowledge and have created a cohesive environment. I appreciate your coaching and guidance with the real estate processes. ~ Robin Adams 

I'm so happy that I came.You are amazing and I'm so happy that you are in my life!  I feel like we are just beginning an amazing voyage!  I've learned so much from you in the last 5 months! ~ Ken Brennan

Kathy, I'm sure you know this already but you are doing a fantastic job helping to sell this house. The adjectives to describe your professionalism and attitude that me and Rob use go on and on. We will do everything going forward to recommend you and get you as many clients as we possibly can. ~ Brian B

I am so thankful for my amazing broker. She answers my millions of emails and texts whenever I ask.  am truly loving my new career.  ~ Audrey

Congratulations! Wishing you all many more to come.  Scott Benjamin

Congratulations!  Ken Cesaro

Congrats time flies…and thanks for the nice referrals and wishing you much continued success!  Scott Dennelle

Hearty congratulations to all that you have accomplished!  It is clear that Experience Real Estate is built to last.  Al Grant

Congratulations on your success. I'm sure there are plenty more to come. Angela Moon

CONGRATULATIONS – you guys are the best! I’m so happy for your success.  Kara Scott

Congrats!!!! Very exciting!!!!  Josh Sroka

Congratulations to you and thanks so much for your friendship and your business!  Chris Conely

Congrats Kathy!  You deserve all the success - keep cranking!  Chris Prefontaine

I really enjoyed the 'Boot Camp' yesterday at your office.  I got some great tips for driving and growing my business and for stepping out of my 'comfort zone'.  ~ Pawler Garrahan

You were/are a great mentor & always the professional! It is nice to have people in this business that are passionate about it and work “together”. ~ Andrea St. Germaine

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and my company. The way you handle your real estate company is something I admire and use as an example to conduct my business. I deeply appreciate you giving me the opportunity to make so many connections, without you we wouldn't be where we are.  Hope to do more business in the future.  ~ Ryan Casey, Skyward Film

Hats off to you and your team (that is vastly growing) for being such a successful growing business in our community.  Keep up the fabulous work and I look forward in working with any and all of your realtors! ~ Sue Anne Vota, People Credit Union

Thank you for you efforts and we wish much much continued success.  If we are in the Narragansett area we will stop by to say hello and give you a big hug. You are a true gem. Most sincerely yours, ~ Martha and Karoly Kismartoni

You are so smart.  You always have the answers ~ Pat Ciarlo 

Thank you for the services you have provided to me for the last couple of years.  Without hesitation any potential clients that come my way will be referred to the Home Team.  I truly feel that you have an amazing firm with highly experienced real estate professionals, and clients wont find a better team to work with.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you ladies the best of luck in the future! ~ Joe

 I have much to be grateful for and you are one!!!! ~ Christal Lavoie

Thank you Kathy for all your patience and support.  I am thankful to be with your caring and professional team, and your continuous support and mentoring.  You are the best! ~ Shuman Hsia

I am so thankful to have such wonderful people to work for, and with, and you are all such wonderful friends, and great support group.   I am so grateful!!!! ~ Cindy Cooke

 I have much to be grateful for and you are one!!!! ~ Lisa Caroll

Thank you Kathy.  You have a great team and I saw firsthand this morning how lucky they are to have you as their leader. - Lynn Abbot